Offensive Cross-stitch (NSFW-ish)


Wait, what? A multidisciplinary hooker? Of course! So many crafts, so little time…

I had seen this wonderful cross-stitch when I was looking at different designs and thought it was hilarious. How could I not? Then I showed it to my husband and since his brother’s birthday was coming up and we knew he would I decided I would go ahead and make this one up. One problem… no free pattern. I certainly wasn’t going to pay the $6 or so for it. Not for just the one. So, one night when I found myself needing something to do I printed off a basic cross-stitch graph paper (memo to self, buy some) and proceeded to make my own version.
By no means am I an expert! I’m providing the pdf of what I did in case others want to use it. If you are looking for perfection, this hooker most certainly isn’t it. If you want though, here is the downloadable version I did.

click here to download

Happy hooking… or cross-stitiching….