Baby Turban Hat with a Bow


I had a request for this style hat for a baby… I found a precious few free patterns and none for the light weight yarn. So like more often than not I found myself coming up with my own patten. I’m just proud that I actually wrote it down to share.

G hook
Baby light #3 yarn I used Bernat softee baby yarn because I had it in my stash

Ch 2, 12 dc in first chain, sl st into top of first dc

Ch 2, 2 dc in same as joining, *2 dc in each st around then sl st in first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in same as joining, 1 dc in next, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next* around then sl st in first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in same as joining, 1 dc in next 2, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next 2* around then sl st in first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in same as joining, 1 dc in next 3, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next 3* around then sl st in first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in same as joining, 1 dc in next 4, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next 4* around then sl st in first dc.

For the next 4 rows: Ch 2, dc in same as joining and then in each st around.

Ch 1, sc in joining and each st around, sl st in first sc.

Ch 1, hdc in joining in the back loop only and in each st around. Sl st in first hdc.

Repeat last two rows for total of 8 rows.

Ch 1, sc in joining and each st around, sl st in first sc.

Finish off and weave the ends.


Ch 27, dc in 3rd Ch and across. Turn

Ch 2,  dc across.

Repeat for a total of 8 rows. Finish off and leave a really long tail.

Weave the tail to the middle of the square, pinch together the middle and wrap about 10 times. Thread your yarn into a needle.

Now place it on the hat roughly where the second row of hdc is and holding tightly in place you want to insert your needle where you want the bow to be. Now bring up the yarn on the outside of the hat and pull tight creating the v. Do this another 10ish times and knot the yarn on the inside of the hat.

I then added some hidden stitches to hold the bow into place about an inch from the edges of the bow. Just my preference honestly. Just make sure to weave in the ends when you are done.

Mad Hooking!

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  1. Love your pattern, easy to follow! Do you have a gauge? About what size baby do you think this will fit? Halfway into it (new crocheter!) and it looks kinda big. Of course it’s a gift and I have no baby to stick it on! Thanks!

    • No gauge, but as long as you’re using the baby yarn it should be 0-3 months for fitting.

  2. Although I loved this pattern and mine turned out cute it was much too big for a newborn.

    • My problem with writing hat patterns is it depends upon the yarn too much if it works right. This pattern I used a really thinner baby weight yarn and went by sizing based upon measurement charts…

  3. There is something wrong with the count on this hat. I love it BUT it just doesn’t make up the way yours looks. It’s like a beret…and very large…It fits me a bit big for a baby…maybe you can suggest what I’m doing..thanx..I enjoy your patterns

    • I’m curious. I’ve worked up this a couple times and it has worked. Which yarn did you use? This pattern will only add up right for measurements if you use a thinner baby weight yarn…

  4. Wow what a mess…….Made this with a G Hook and Bernat Softee Baby…It is HUGE by measurements it will fit a 12 month old….NOT A NEWBORN!!!!!!

  5. I love this hat. I searched for a pattern to use because I had some thin thread like yarn I found and it worked perfect!!! I crochet tight the size came out exactly the size you said it would. I used a G hook the thread is about the thickness of thin baby yarn. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sweet! Sometimes I wonder if it is just me when patterns work. The baby yarn I had was quite thin and I tend to crochet a bit tighter to normal when I do gauge swatches…

  6. I just found your pattern and it looks adorable! Will try to work it up in the next few day. For those of you who have made a critical comment using Caps no less…. shame on you! It’s a free pattern which took some time for her to post it.. Positive comments go a long way.

    • Thank you! As for the negative comments I have my wonderful husband who reminds me often to not feed the Trolls… Lol! Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again for your positive words!

      • Your Dear hubby is correct! Never ever under any circumstances feed the trolls for then you are stuck with them….:P

        Thank you for taking the time to create, write out and post your pattern! I think it’s adorable! You are also correct in your statement further up that every one crochets at a different tension…that is why guage is so important for a lot of peeps….and then we are back to the trolls- no matter how much you do, for a troll it will never be enough and they will always complain…brush it off and keep doing it your way! 😀

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern for free, God bless you! I used the same yarn you did for my 19 month old but used a bigger hook and it came out perfectly!! Please post more free patterns of different hats and different sizes, if you can. Thanks again and I love it. My daughter is gonna look adorable in it.

  8. One more thing, super easy to follow instructions so thank you for that as well. I find a lot of the times written instructions can be a bit confusing but yours were very detailed and easy, awesome!

  9. Thanks for the pattern. I tend to crochet loosely and had a little heavier yarn but was able to quite easily modify the pattern to fit a newborn by using a chart similar to the one that you shared for my dimensions. I only increased to 48 stitches so I had to make the bow smaller too (I chained 20). With these changes I achieved the desired size. I love your pattern and will be using it again.

  10. I thought this was a great pattern hat for my granddaughter who could wear it this Sunday for her baptism. It is very very large hat. It fits me and I used the yarn that you suggested but used a smaller hook so that it would turn out smaller. Is there something that I did wrong? I used Stitch Studio Storybook Lullaby yarn which is 3 ply and a F crochet hook which was smaller than what you suggested.

  11. I just finished this and it’s adorable! I’m new to crochet and it did turn out a little big (I used medium weight baby yarn) but it’s perfect for my 6 month old and she will be able to wear it for awhile. Thank you!!

  12. I’ve made this a few times and it’s always been a success! Great pattern!

    For all those who are struggling, use whatever newborn hat pattern works best for you to get the right size. It’s the concept of the bow that’s unique here, and as long as you can understand that part and affix it, you can still end up with a really successful hat. That’s how I’ve augmented it to fit larger kiddos, too.

  13. I made 2 of these hats today….I just love this pattern and thank you so much for it. I tend to crochet a little loosely so my first hat was a little larger than I wanted for a specific project. I made a minor change or two to achieve a smaller size and it worked out beautifully……..I will be using this pattern a number of times for the Red Hat project to honor babies born with congenital heart defects. It is such a lovely pattern and has officially earned its place in my top 10 favorites…I can only make things–I can’t design them….thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this…..I hope to see more of your work……

    • Such a lovely comment and completely made my day! So glad it works for you and you like it!

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