Buckeye Ear Warmer

OK, so there is nothing really new about making a ear warmer at all. There are truly lots of patterns you can find and free at that. I have tried quite a few and just could not get the result I was looking for. Everything seems to be in the bulky yarns with a large hook… that or I must have the biggest melon around as they were always turning out way the hell too small. So that is why I wrote this pattern and figured I would share it for others who find themselves stuck like me. Well that and so I can find the pattern easier than searching through all my crochet paraphernalia…

Ear warmer
Sizing: This pattern I have found will make an ear warmer that will fit anywhere from a tween size melon to adult with different degrees of looseness. It fit me comfortably and my 10 year old daughter as well.

Yarn: I used Red Heart Soft yarn
Hook: size “H”

Ch 90 and then sl st to the 1st chain being careful not to let it twist on you. Because it will, because yarn likes to troll sometimes.

1. Ch 1 and sc in same stitch as joining to decrease that stupid looking gap that sometimes happens. Now sc in next 14 st then dc in the next 75 st. Do NOT join, even if you want, just keep on crocheting and work in rounds. Makes things easier.. at least in my mind so no popping my bubble.

2.  SC in the next 15 st then dc in the 75 st

3.  Repeat round 2 for a total of 10 dc rounds. If you want a wider ear warmer, just keep going around.

4.  SC around and bind off your end. Now turn the complete work, join your yarn, Ch 1, sc in same as joining and sc around into the original Ch. Do you have to? Hell no, it is your project, do what you want. I liked it, so I took the time to make it look more finished to me.

5.  Done! I added the the buckeye applique, but again your project, do what you want.

Buckeye Applique
size: it fits on the ear warmer
Yarn: Red Heart extras that I had in my stash. You will need light brown, medium brown and green… well unless you decide to make it some other funky colors. That could be interesting…
Hook:  size “G”

Buckeye: Make 2.  This is worked in a round so NO joining after each rounds.

1. With the light brown 6 sc in magic circle then switch to the medium brown

2.  2 sc in each st around

3.  *2 sc in next st, 1sc in next st* and repeat around then bind off making sure to leave a tail for sewing.

Leaves:  Make 3. (Now there is nothing special about this pattern. I have been making then for a while and I can’t remember even where I got it from anymore. I wish I could to give them credit.)

1. Ch 10, turn

2. Starting in the 2nd Ch from your hook work as follows:  sl, sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, sl then working in the opposite side of the original Ch sl, sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, sl then bind off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Now attach the applique however you want or use my pictures to do as I did.  Again, your creation, your decision.

You are done, celebrate by making more or going on to your next pattern… the circle of crochet!

Mad Hooking!

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your ideas. I am curious does the headband get stretched out and then become too big and not adjustable ? I have made these type but have used a button. So I would really like to ask you because you know where you have made these. Thanks again. Lori

    • Washing and drying acrylic yarn seems to fix this a bit and I haven’t had any real issues… I do know the ones with the buttons that the button holes stretch a bit, but that can be fixed with a bit of sewing… I thinknit is a personal choice.

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