Granny Square and Ribbon Baby Blanket Set


So this one started out as my sister finding this picture of a lovely blanket and wanted me to duplicate it for a gift. It isn’t my original idea and I couldn’t find the pattern listed in my usual hunting grounds, so of course this hooker made up one!

A warning. This isn’t an exact pattern. Depending on the size of your granny square will change the count for the edging and really that is all this blanket is… a traditional granny square with a fancy edging. The hat is a bit more exact.  The hat fits a 0-3 month baby.

Red Heart with Love yarn (I used gray and bubblegum pink)
H size hook
Ribbon (I used 5/8″ or 15mm wide and it took just under 18ft or 5.4m)
Accent pearl or button (or nothing)

Alright, start by making your granny square with the gray. You can find a tutorial just about everywhere, but here is one in case you need it and are feeling lazy (like me usually) and don’t want to search… just note as a personal choice I start my squares with a chain 6 and a decent size tail. This way it is easier to start then by pulling the tail and weaving it in it closes up and takes away the starting bump.

I did 34 rounds so that the blanket would be roughly 3ft wide with the edging. How big you make the square is up to you… just make sure you have enough ribbon.


Now, I have written down what to do. That being said you might have to add a stitch or skip an extra stitch to make it work with your granny square. Keep calm, have a glass of wine or beer, and know it will be fine.  It doesn’t need to be exact as the edging is very forgiving and will look great no matter what.  Nobody wants a grumpy hooker.

Don’t bind off yarn, just continue on with the gray.  Ch 1, sc in same st as joining then sc in every st.  Put 3 sc in the corner space. Sl st into first sc.

Ch 5, *skip 1 st then tc (triple crochet) in next st, ch 1* around. Corners:  In the 2nd sc of the 3sc corner do *tc, ch 1, tc, ch 1, tc, ch 1* then skip a st and continue down the row. This is the round where you will weave in your ribbon later.

Ch 1, sc in same st as joining then sc in every tc and in each ch 1 space.  Corners:  Put 3 sc in the corner tc (the second tc in the corner grouping). Sl st into first sc and cut and bind your yarn.

Now using pink join in the second st of any of the previous round corner grouping. Ch 3, (2 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in same st as joining. Skip 1 st, *dc in next, skip 2 st then (3dc, ch 1, 3dc) in next st, skip 2 st* around. Corners:  When you get to the corners though you will only be skipping 1 st instead of the 2.  Sl st into top of beginning ch 3.

Sl st in the first two dc and into the space (just like you did for the granny square).  Ch 3, (2 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in same space. *fpdc (front post double crochet) around the dc in middle of groups, (3dc, ch 1, 3dc) in next space* around. Corners:  Nothing special to do in the corners for a change. Sl st into top of beginning ch 3.

Sl st in the first two dc and into the space like last round. Ch 3 and do 8 dc in same space. *fpdc around previous round fpdc, 9 dc in ch 1 space* around.  Cornets:  Again, nothing special to do in the corners. Sl st into top of beginning ch 3. Bind off and weave in your ends.

Now weave in your ribbon doing the over/under in the triple crochet row. Keep the kids away because there will most likely be some choice words here trying to keep the ribbon from twisting.  Also be sure to pull your square into flatness before you cut the ribbon. It will pull the work together a little, but you don’t want to end up with a bunched up blanket and having to reweave the ribbon. Tie your ribbon, making sure it will be where the flower goes to cover it up.  I also got out my sewing needle and thread to add some stitches in all the corners to keep it from twisting and pulling weird.  This will also secure it a bit for future washings.

For the flower I used this pattern:

The top part I did with the pink, bottom with gray then I sewed on a pearl bead in the middle.

Now for the 0-3 month old baby hat! And you thought you were done… silly hooker…


In pink, ch 2 then 12 dc in first chain. Sl st to top of first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in joining and each st around. Sl st to top of first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in joining. *1 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st* around. Sl st to top of first dc.

Ch 2, 2 dc in joining. *1 dc in next 2st, 2 dc in next st* around. Sl st to top of first dc.

Ch 2, dc in joining and each st around. Sl st to top of first dc. Repeat for 4 rows.

Switch to gray. Ch 2, dc in joining and each st around. Sl st to top of first dc. Repeat for 2 rows.

Switch back to pink. Ch 2, dc in joining and each st around. Sl st to top of first dc. Only for 1 row.

Ch 1, sc in joining. *skip 1 st, 5 dc in next, skip 1 st, sc in next* around. Sl st in first sc and bind off, weaving in ends.

Sew on matching flower as blanket and now you are done! Woot, Woot!

Mad Hooking!

189 comments on “Granny Square and Ribbon Baby Blanket Set

  1. Am I missing something with the hat because mine is turning out extremely small ?

  2. When you’re getting ready to make the border and you’re putting all the sc in the stitches, do you put a sc in the 2 ch spaces as well?

  3. I am currently working this hat paternity with bernat baby sport yarn and an h hook and it looks large. Is it supposed to be big?

  4. The second round of edging on the blanket I don’t understand. You say to make a front post double crochet around the double crochet in the middle of the group but you make 3 dc, ch1,3 dc so which is the middle dc? Then you say to do 3dc, ch 1, 3 dc in the next space but what is the next space? I am sorry but I am trying to finish this up because the baby is due any day. Thank you for your help.

    Sue Gibsoni

    • I have the same question – I don’t know what to do with the treble that is in between the clusters. I tried a couple of things, but nothing looks right.
      Did you get an answer?

      • So, I’m guessing you are on the second round of the edging part? If that is the case, there isn’t a tc in the row before. There is a dc in between the 3dc v stitch. Basically those standalone dc in between the 3dc v stitch line up and that is where the fpdc stack up.

  5. how do you get to the tutorial I clicked on where it says tutorial and nothing happens ,click on pattern and get pattern but no tutorial I’m on last 3 rows of border and can’t get it figured out want to watch also checked on you tube and found nothing

  6. Sue, she means after u do 8 dc. Then do the fpdc in the single post after the shell. I enlarged the picture and figured it out. Hope this help.


  7. Okay sorry. Since I am new to this I don’t know what any of it means. I will try to look them up & figure it out.

  8. I do not see gray listed as a color choice for this yarn, is it maybe the pewter that you uses? Thanks for the beautiful baby blanket pattern.

  9. Just wonderful! I’m in love and I’m already doing my blanket, I found your tutorial very well explained, I can put your step by step in my blog? I’m terrible at explaining the steps

  10. I’m confused with the hat part of it where it says 2dc in joining and in each stitch around. Can you explain that for me?

  11. how would I increase the size of the hat? I need one to fit a 9mos old and I just love this hat

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