Admittedly this seems a bit odd, I know. However, I was contacted again by Kaila (the wonderful lady who gave me the challenge to make the flasher banana) to make a pattern for tonsils because her son was having his removed. I still remember having mine removed and I can only imagine how cute it will be to give these to him since he is losing his. Truthfully, it just makes my day that I was asked to come up with something else… that people enjoy my work and believe that I can do it…

This pattern should be quick and easy to make up. I decided to make these a little bigger because I imagine giving them to younglings and I didn’t want to make them too small. I’m also making two, since when you get them removed it is both…

Worsted weight yarn in colors of choice
G size hook
9mm safety eyes

Make two for the pair
6 sc in magic circle
*inc* around
*inc, sc in next* around
*inc, sc in next2* around
*inc, sc in next 3* around
*inc, sc in next 4* around
*inc, sc in next 5* around
sc around
*bobble (3dc tog in same st making sure to push the bundle of st to the front as you work), sc in next 6* around
sc around for 2 rounds
*sc in next 3, bobble, sc in next 3* around
sc around for 2 rounds
*sc, bobble, sc in next 5* around
sc around
*dec, sc in next 5* around
sc around, go ahead and attach the safety eyes. I placed them on the row between the 2nd row of bobbles and the sc above with about 2 st in between. It amused me to put them above a bobble making the bobble look like a nose. The top of the tonsils will lean toward the side so for the first I put the eyes over the 3rd bobble over and for the other on the 6th bobble over.
*dec, sc in next 4* around
*sc in next 2, bobble, sc in next 2* around
dec x6, sc in the rest (this makes the top lean toward the side a bit)
sc around
dec x6, sc in rest, make sure to stuff and continue to stuff as you go
sc around
dec x6, sc in rest
sc around
dec around, bind off and close up hole.

To finish up sew on a cute little mouth and you’re done!

Mad Hooking!

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