My Star Pattern

I did this one a bit different because I couldn’t find a pattern I liked. Most of them out there had you make two stars then sew them together. Meh… so I tried to make a no sew one and surprised myself that it worked. See if you can follow this a bit. I used a size F hook for tighter stitches.

Essentially you make two flat ami circles how ever many rows of increases you want (this one is up to 2sc in 1 then sc in next 6sc).

Count how many sc you have and make sure it’s dividable by 5. Now put the wrong sides of your circle together and connect with a sl st. Sc down the one circle your number, turn and sc back up the other circle. You now are crocheting in a round. Every time you go to do a ‘turn’ sc tog. End at the tip of the point, bind off.

The next point you do the same way, but I found it helpful to sl st in the last sc of the previous point then start sc in the next.

Stuff after you have four points and then stuff when you have the last point almost done. Whip-stitch two eyes and that’s all…

Mad Hooking!

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  1. “Sc down the one circle your number, turn and sc back up the other circle.”

    I dont get this. I have tried different ways that i could think of by what you mean.

    Maybe it is the language barrier in this case. I really like this star cus you can make it any size you want.

    • So try this, holding both original pieces together sc along side of the piece facing you. Now holding them together turn them so the other piece that was the back is now your front. Sc to the joining spot of the two pieces. Keep turning back and forth until you are finished. Make sense?

  2. Oooh yeah I think I got it! Thanks for the email and the fast response.
    Im goona start it up tonight 🙂

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