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I cannot tell you how many requests I got for one of these. Of course I wasn’t going to revisit my problem from before of buying a pattern, especially when it is so close to my mermaid lapghan… So disclaimer, this was my first run on it and the pattern hasn’t been retested. I hope you like it.

This pattern is for an adult sized shark lapghan. That being said, check the measurements (approximately 41 inches wide by 41 inches long). It is also perfect for a young adult to be able to grow into.

As with all patterns, look ahead and see if this is what you want to do. My take on this one is a little different than some others.

A note on the Polyfil. I used it and the lapghan is still washable. However it can make the tail fin a bit heavier. How it is constructed it will hold its shape decently without it, but I wanted to show it stuffed… And it had been my original thought.

G and H size hooks
Grey yarn (I used Red Heart I Love this Yarn. It took roughly 4 skeins of grey.)
White yarn (small amount, just for the teeth)
Black yarn (really small amount, just for the eyes)
Polyfil (if desired)
Stitch markers if you like

To start, ch 152 (this gave me a width of 41″)

Row 1: dc in third chain and across, ch 2 (150 dc with ch 2 NOT counting as a stitch)

Row 2-64: dc in each st across (do not skip 1st st), ch 2 and turn (150 dc with a total length of 28″)

Row 65: dc in each st across but do not turn. Sl st in the first dc of the row, bringing both sides together, ch 2, do not turn.

We will now continue on in rounds. Note: this pattern has only been done once as of right now. Don’t stress about exactness of the decreases. If you need to add a dc or two at the end of the round, meh. It will work out fine. The lapghan will not implode. It will work out just fine.

Round 66-70: dc in same as join and in each dc around, sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 71: dc same as join, dc in next 7. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 8, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 72: dc same as join, dc in next 6. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 7, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 73: dc same as join and around.

Round 74: dc same as join, dc in next 5. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 6, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 75: dc same as join, dc in next 4. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 5, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 76: dc same as join and around.

Round 77: dc same as join, dc in next 3. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 4, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 78: dc same as join, dc in next 2. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 3, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 79-80: dc same as join and around.

Round 81: dc same as join, dc in next st. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 2, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 82-83: dc same as join and around.

Round 84: dc same as join, dc in next 2. Dc2tog (dc decrease), *dc in next 3, dc2tog* sl st to first dc, ch 2.

Round 85-86: dc same as join and around.

NOTE: At the end of round 86 you should have 36 stitches. What if you don’t? Either add (increase) how many you need or subtract (decrease) so you are at this number. You should be close if not dead on, so it will be fine. Truly, it will be. Don’t worry.

Switch to a size G hook. Use a stitch marker for the beginning of the rounds if needed.
Round 87: in BACK LOOPS ONLY, sc in same as join, sc in next 4. Sc2tog (sc decrease), *Sc in next 5, sc2tog* around. Do NOT sl st, we are going to spiral the rest of the way close.


Round 88: working in both loops and starting in the first sc from the previous round, *sc in next 4, sc2tog*around.

Round 89: *sc in next 3, sc2tog*around.

Round 90: *sc in next 2, sc2tog*around.

Round 91: *sc in next 1, sc2tog*around.

Round 92: sc2tog around. Bind off, leave a long tail to sew close.

Join grey at the ‘v’ in the back of the lapghan, where you switched from rows to rounds and with your H hook, sc around the entire opening placing 3 sc in the top corners. Bind off and weave in your ends.

White yarn
H hook

Attach yarn to top corner.

Row 1: *Sc, hdc, hdc, dc and tc in next, tc and dc in next, hdc, hdc, sc, sl st, sl st* across. Bind off, weave in ends.

Row 2: attach yarn to first sc and sc in each st until the tc. In first tc, sc, ch 1. sc until the sl st then sl st in those. Continue down the line and then bind off, weaving in the ends.

Now on to the fins. This is where I have made up about twenty different styles and decided on these. I wanted to be able to add some polyfil to keep the shape, but keep them washable. That made me decide on making them like amigurumi so bear with me on this one.

Tail fin
G hook
Grey yarn
Polyfil (if desired)
Stitch markers

Now I made these so that once you saw the stitch pattern repetition you could adjust as needed if you want. Adding rounds or doing less rounds… That sort of thing.

Attach your yarn to the front loops of round 87.

Round 1-5: sc around do NOT join at the end of every round. We will be working in a spiral. Use stitch markers if needed. Also, you should have 36 sc in each round. If not, just decrease or increase as needed.

Round 6: *2 sc in next, sc in next 6* around

Round 7: sc around

Round 8: *2 sc in next, sc in next 7* around

Round 9: sc around

Round 10: *2 sc in next, sc in next 8* around

Round 11: sc around

Round 12: *2 sc in next, sc in next 9* around

Round 13-15: sc around

Round 16: *2 sc in next, sc in next 10* around

Round 17-19: sc around

Round 18: *2 sc in next, sc in next 11* around

Round 19-21: sc around

Round 22: *2 sc in next, sc in next 12* around

Round 23-25: sc around

Round 26: *2 sc in next, sc in next 13* around

Round 27-29: sc around

Round 30: *2 sc in next, sc in next 14* around

Round 31-33: sc around

Round 34: *2 sc in next, sc in next 15* around

Round 35-37: sc around, bind off.

Now, fold your lapghan in half (bringing the edges of the V together) on the floor. Smooth out the tail fin so it is flat as well and mark the roughly half way spot. This is where you are going to attach your yarn through both thickness.

IMG_20150818_175153 IMG_20150818_180741

Round 38: sc in same as join and sc around until you get back to the stitch before the join. Now sc2tog the last stitch and the first stitch you made. Mark this stitch.

Round A 39-close: sc around until last stitch before join then sc3tog. Note the 3. It is the stitch before the tog stitch, tog stitch and the 1st sc of the next round. Also, when I say close it is to keep going in spirals until you only have 6 st left. Then you cut your yarn and sew the rest close. Stuff the fin if desired.

Round B 39-close: do the exact same as Round A. Continue to stuff if needed.

Dorsal (top) fin

G hook
Grey yarn
Polysilicon (if desired)
Stitch markers

Round 1: 6 sc in a magic circle

Round 2: sc around

Round 3: 2 sc in each st around

Round 5-6: sc around

Round 7: *2 sc in next st, sc next* around

Round 8-9: sc around

Round 10: *2 sc in next st, sc next 2* around

Round 11-13: sc around

Round 14: *2 sc in next st, sc next 3* around

Round 15-17: sc around

Round 18: *2 sc in next st, sc next 4* around

Round 19-21: sc around

Round 22: *2 sc in next st, sc next 5* around

Round 23-25: sc around

Round 26: *2 sc in next st, sc next 6* around

Round 27-30a: sc around

Round 31: hdc in next st, dc in next 2, *2 dc in next st, dc in next 3* around. Sl st to first hdc, bind off leaving a LONG tail for sewing. (Now don’t worry if this row doesn’t come out perfect. It is only to make it easier to attach the fin to the lapghan. Technically you don’t have to have it, but it makes life easier.)

Round 32: attach your yarn to the unworked (back loops) of round 31. *Sc in the next 6, sc2tog* around (note: I didn’t keep exact count because I forgot to honestly. Working nights does that to you. Don’t stress if the rounds don’t work up perfectly. It’s just to help keep the stuffing in.)

Round 33: *Sc in the next 5, sc2tog* around

Round 34: *Sc in the next 4, sc2tog* around

Round 35: *Sc in the next 3, sc2tog* around

Round 36: *Sc in the next 2, sc2tog* around

Round 37: *Sc in the next 2, sc2tog* around. Go ahead and stuff the fin if desired.

Round 38: *Sc in the next 1, sc2tog* around

Round 39: *Sc in the next 1, sc2tog* around

Round 40: *sc2tog* around. Bind off and sew close. Now I then placed about 5 stitches in the middle of the fin to make it angle back more. Not strictly necessary, but it made sense to me.

Sew the top fin in the middle top of blanket. Pin in place before sewing to make your life a little easier.

Black yarn
H hook

Round 1: 12 dc in a magic circle, sl st to first dc, ch 2

Round 2: 2 dc in first dc and in every dc around, sl st to first, bind off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew eyes on either side of the top fin, about halfway from the top to the fin.

And that’s it!
Mad hooking!

42 comments on “Shark Lapghan Pattern

  1. Thank you! I am sure the kids will love this and the mermaid blankets for Christmas!

  2. my daughter made a suggestion that makes sense for older kids. DO NOT close off the fin area, and leave pockets in the fins. That way, the wearer could stand up and walk simply by pulling their feet out of the fins.

    • I always picture my son when thinking up these things… He would be on the floor and everything in the house. broken. Lol! I would love to see it though.

  3. Thanks for sharing your brilliant pattern! I’m planning on making one for my shark crazy friend.

  4. Thank you for the free pattern. Granddaughter wanted one for her baby. I will let you know when I am finished. Thanks again…..Delores

  5. Just clarification on the sharks tail… is it going “vertical” as opposed to laying “horizontal” like the mermaid tail did?

    Also, approximately, at what rows/stitches are the dorsal fin and eyes placed? (If you know off hand LOL)


  6. I had fun making the shark. I did add a few touches for the adult it’s intended for. I also closed the dorsal fin up a bit to make a pocket. Thank you for the pattern!

  7. I added a little touch of detail and it turned out really cute (not finished or I would include pictures. Between the grey and the teeth I added a line of pink (I have seen red but since I used light grey the red was too dark) baby yarn. It is so soft. It was really fine against the heavier yarn so I used a J hook and then I made up my own stitch I think (please someone tell me the name of it). I tied off the pink yarn and brought up the yarn making 2 chain stitches, then I inserted the hook in hole 1, yarned over, pulled through, inserted the hook into hole 2 yarned over and pulled it through. At this point I had 3 loops on the hook and I finished it off like a dc. Then to start the next stitch I started it in hole 2 and finished in 3. By doing this I filled in with more yarn (I tried dc and two dc in each and they both had issues.. either too little yarn or too much). When I finished I had 149 instead of 150. I started the teeth with a sc and followed the pattern. It ended perfectly with a sc. I was thrilled. And it looks just girlie enough for my daughter and still looks like a ferocious shark.

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. I am a beginner at patterns and this one has been pretty easy.

  8. I used the H hook for the body and it came out 51inches wide. What did I do wrong or is that OK?

    • Nah, I think it is the difference of gauges. Someone else called me out on my tight stitches this week too, lol!

  9. I was doing the shark lapghan, I got down to do spiral but I didn’t understand this so could anyone tell me how to do thanks

  10. Did you just today change the count in the area of the 19th round of the tail? I noticed last night it was off and was going to mention it today, but, voila it looks fixed! I’m just making sure it isn’t me lol

    • Lol, nope. Not unless I was sleep typing. Though I am glad to hear that it isn’t just me that does that though!

    • I think there are two 18 and 19 rounds in the tail fin. I am not sure what to do with them so I am going to put both of them in. Did it work for you?

      • At this point, I don’t remember. I’m sure it will be fine. Maybe look at the whole thing before you get too far to make sure it is looking all right?

  11. I was just wondering, you said not to skip the first stitch but if I don’t, I end up increasing every row and my stitches don’t line up. Am I doing something wrong?

    • It should line up without a problem. Try counting out a few rows and make sure you are ending up with the same amount of dc.

      • I counted very carefully when not skipping the 1st st & I am increasing and going a little crooked up the sides

  12. I am not understanding how you chain two at the end of each row, turn and then DC in each stitch (but don’t skip first stitch). Won’t this cause it to grow on each end at each turn?

    • Nope. It just keeps the side even without the chain hole as I call it. Works well for hats too!

  13. I want to make this for a family member that is about 6′ 2″ tall. I would guess I need to add to the pattern to make it longer to ensure that it is still a lapghan. Based on your experience, where would you suggest I add the extra rows?

    • Just keep adding rows before you join I think. The join happens around the middle calf if that helps.

  14. The instructions for the dorsal fin skips row 4. What do I do for that row?

    • LOL I never noticed that at all when I made it! I’m pretty sure I just treated it like row 5-6 (ie read it as “row 4-6”) and did sc around. It worked anyway 🙂

  15. What is meant by “join”?
    e.g. “dc same as join”.
    I’ve never heard of that before.
    Definitely want to make this for my son-in-law though.

    • It means for you to double crochet in the same spot you joined two rows together. HTH

  16. Thank you thank you for writing up this pattern. I found a few but they were not free. I’ve used your mermaid tail pattern and I’ve made 5 of them. Now my son and the little boys are going to get shark tails.

      • Triple (or treble) crochet simply means you wrap the yarn around the hook twice before inserting into the next stitch and drawing up a loop (with double crochet you only wrap once)… then proceed as per normal… wrap yarn around, pull through 2 stitches at a time (you’ll do that a total of 3 times).

  17. Hi — Im having trouble u derstanding how to close the tail? – Ive joined in the center of the tail but dont understand the directions? Can you please help

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