Rubeus Hagrid

After making the trio I of course had to make Rubeus Hagrid for Norbert’s picture! Since Hagrid is half giant, he is going to be basically double the height and width of the kids. So the kids end up being

Hermione Granger

Of course I needed to make Hermoine to complete the trio! She is essentially the same as Harry and Ron except her longer hair and skirt… Harry and Ron can be found here: Worsted weight yarn (or any weight of

Storm Trooper

Of course after making Darth Vader, I had to make the Storm Trooper pattern to go with my Norbert (who will of course be dressed as Princess Leia). They are such bad shots anyway so I’m not going to have

Darth Vader

Again I find myself in need of a pattern and not a free suitable one in sight. My original Norbert Calendar was a hit that I didn’t realize that so many people liked. We didn’t make one this year and

Snowman Boot Cuffs

        As you may have noticed boot cuffs seem to be everywhere.  I personally don’t know the purpose except looks, but that’s just how my mind works.  They are quite adorable though… Anywho, I got a request

Un-Poppable Balloon

This year my son decided he wanted to be Georgie from Stephen King’s It.  Great!  Another easy costume to pull together!  I had originally thought to make a paper mache balloon for him to carry (a real helium balloon was

Coraline Gloves

As my daughter decided to dress up as Coraline this year for Halloween. I was thrilled! Not only have we always loved the movie, but it is an easy costume to pull together. Though she mentioned she wanted some gloves

Hanging Baby Feet

  So, I was presented with a picture of a knitted pattern by Sandra Mceachran asking if I had anything similar.  I didn’t, but it was a little challenge and got the hamster in my head kicking a little… just a