Un-Poppable Balloon

This year my son decided he wanted to be Georgie from Stephen King’s It.  Great!  Another easy costume to pull together!  I had originally thought to make a paper mache balloon for him to carry (a real helium balloon was

Coraline Gloves

As my daughter decided to dress up as Coraline this year for Halloween. I was thrilled! Not only have we always loved the movie, but it is an easy costume to pull together. Though she mentioned she wanted some gloves

Hanging Baby Feet

  So, I was presented with a picture of a knitted pattern by Sandra Mceachran asking if I had anything similar.  I didn’t, but it was a little challenge and got the hamster in my head kicking a little… just a

Monster Wreath

I have wanted to make this wreath for so long (as I have the movie completely memorized) and I am so happy to finally be able to bring it to life using crochet as my art medium.  For this pattern